Titchwell Manor Wedding | David & Victoria

When is an engagement party not an engagement party? When it is actually David and Victoria’s Wedding at Titchwell Manor.

I first met David when I was photographing his property in Norwich. We got chatting and talk turned to weddings, like it often does! When David told me all about his and Victoria’s secret wedding plans I knew I wanted to capture their big day for them. They had meticulously planned their very secret day inviting all their guests to an engagement party at Titchwell Manor on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Little did anyone apart from myself and the chef at the hotel know that it was actually to be their wedding day! 

After a few emails finalising details and only referring to the wedding as ‘the party’ the big day was finally here. The guests started to gather in the bar while I hid, backstage in the kitchen. When everyone was there David stood nervously behind the bar welcoming everyone to Titchwell Manor and that he had a little secret to tell…in 1 hours time there was to be a wedding in the garden! The roar of joy, excitement and surprise that went up in the bar could have been heard at the wind farms out to sea! 

After a lot of congratulations for the happy couple the real work was to start, best men and bridesmaids to be picked, speeches to be written, button holes to be given out and a ceremony to be set up. At four o’clock David took his place at the top of the aisle in the garden and Victoria, arm in arm with her mum followed her excited sisters who threw roses petals in fount of her up the aisle to a nervous David. The ceremony was beautiful with readings organised by David as a surprise for his new wife. 

The ceremony was followed by a beautiful dinner and the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted! Speeches flowed and you wouldn’t have known they were written just an hour before. I left David, Victoria and their still surprised guests to party into the evening.

What a Day! They really pulled off an amazing engagement party! 

Titchwell Manor Wedding | David & Victoria | Catherine Scoles Photography